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Easy to use but feature rich World Guard Plugin

Because there was no plugin to manage all aspects of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition servers for each world like WorldGuard on Bukkit, I made Worlds. With Worlds, you can control events like breaking blocks, dropping items, and many more. And it's getting even more! NEW: Edit the settings of a world (game mode, building, damage, and so on) using a super-easy form GUI!



A funny PvP Minigame

HotBlock is a funny PvP minigame. The goal is to stand as long as possible on the 'Hot Block' in the middle of the arena in order to earn money (via EconomyAPI). Because every player wants to get there, there is an exiting PvP-match. The dangerous poisoned blocks are making the game even more exiting.



Turn signs into World Teleport and Command Signs

With AllSigns, you can easily create signs which are executing commands or teleporting players into another world when they tap on them. World teleport signs can also detect if the specified world is loaded and show on the sign how many players are currently in the world.



A Chat Filter which can block certain things

BadWorkBlocker is a feature rich chat filter suitable for large servers to keep the chat clean from swear words and spam. It's highly configurable for nearly every needs and provides features to prevent players sending the same message multiple times, filter out spam (sending too many messages in a short period of time) and detect caps lock / all uppercase letters.