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Easy to use but feature rich World Guard Plugin

Worlds is our feature-packed world management plugin. It provides general world management like creating, copying, loading and teleporting to worlds. We've also added flags which can be used to control in game behaviour like game mode, block breaking/placing, damage, hunger, flying, daylight cycling and many more per-world and as default value. Using control lists, you can precisely create whitelists and blacklists to add exceptions for specific blocks, items or commands.

HotBlock plugin logo



A funny PvP Minigame

HotBlock is a funny PvP mini-game. The goal is to stand as long as possible on the 'Hot Block' in the middle of the arena in order to earn money (using a supported economy plugin). Because every player wants to get there, there is an exiting PvP-match. The dangerous poisoned blocks are making the game even more exiting.

FancyGenerators plugin logo



A collection of new level Generators

FancyGenerators is an experimental plugin project which adds new kinds of world generators to your PocketMine-MP server. We've implemented some well-known world generators like void with better performance. Start with a larger base platform in a void world without any other generated blocks. We've also added some crazy new world generators creating fantasy worlds. CandyLand is one of them, you'll be spawned in a world with randomly colored blocks and colorful trees.

AllSigns plugin logo



Turn signs into World Teleport and Command Signs

With AllSigns, you can easily create signs which are executing commands or teleporting players into another world/to coordinates when they tap on them. It provides an easy-to-use GUI to create the signs.

BadWordBlocker plugin logo



A Chat Filter which can block certain things

BadWorkBlocker is a chat filter suitable for every server to keep the chat clean from swear words and spam. It can prevent swear words, sending the same message twice, sending too many messages and using caps lock. It's highly configurable for nearly every needs.

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