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AllSigns help page 🧐

How to use the commands of the AllSigns plugin? Which permissions are available and what to they do? Here's our wiki page for the AllSigns Open Source plugin.


Download the plugin

You can get the packed plugin file (PHAR file) from Poggit.

A version which is not always up to date but approved by the Poggit team is available here. Download it by clicking on the black "Direct Download" button.

If you want the latest version which is always up to date, you can download it from here. Click on the "*** KB" link of the first row in the column "Download".

Now you should have a file with the file extension ".phar" in your Downloads folder.

Install the plugin on the server

To install the plugin, you can just put the PHAR-file you downloaded in the step before into the "plugins"-folder in your PocketMine-folder. You need to start the server once so the config files needed for the next step are created.



The AllSigns plugin has two permissions. The permission allsigns.create allows creating new signs, and is default to OP only. To use signs, players need the permission allsigns.use, which is assigned to all players by default.

Creating new signs

To create a new AllSign, first place a sign and write #as into the first line.

Create new AllSigns sign

In the next step, a form window opens and you can choose if you want to create a command execution or a teleport sign.

Choose sign type, command or teleport

Command signs

When creating a command sign, you need to enter a command to execute first. You also need to set if the command should be executed in the player context (like the player would enter it into the chat) or in the server context (with all permissions).

Creating a command sign

Commands may contain variables which are replaced at execution time: {player} (player name), player coordinates: {xc} {yc} {zc}, and {world} (current world name).

Teleport signs

When creating a teleport sign, you need to enter a target world name (can also be the current world the sign is in). Optionally, you can also enter x/y/z coordinates - if empty, players will be teleported to the world's spawn position.

Creating a teleport sign

Advanced sign settings

For each sign, the sign text must be set and you can optionally add a permission which is required to use the sign (leave empty to add no permission).

Sign created successfully

Editing/breaking signs

To edit a sign, touch it with a golden pickaxe. If you want to remove a sign, just break it.

Upgrade from v1

The second version of AllSigns is a complete rewrite of the plugin. Because of fundamental changes in the way how the plugin works, an upgrade from v1 is not supported, meaning all signs created in v1 need to be re-created.

If you want to upgrade to v2, please delete all config files of the plugin first by deleting the plugin_data/AllSigns folder in the PocketMine directory. You can then just replace the PHAR-file of the plugin and start using v2.


Changing the language

To change the language of the plugin, open the "config.yml" file in "plugins/AllSigns". It should contain those lines:

# Language of the plugin messages
# Possible options are: en (English), de (German), ...
language: "en"

Change the value in quotes after "language:" into the language you want to use. For example, to set the plugin on German, it should look like this:

# Language of the plugin messages
# Possible options are: en (English), de (German), ...
language: "de"

Creating a new language

You're always welcome to translate the plugin into languages which don't exist yet or correct translations which already exist.

First, you need to download the plugin sources and go into the folder "resources/languages". Then, copy the "en.yml" file and rename it to the ISO 639-1 language code of the language you want to create.

After you translated it, feel free to create a PR on GitHub to add your translation to the plugin.

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