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HotBlock help page 🧐

How to use the commands of the HotBlock plugin? Which permissions are available and what to they do? Here's our wiki page for the HotBlock Open Source plugin.


Download the plugin

You can get the packed plugin file (PHAR file) from Poggit.

A version which is not always up to date but approved by the Poggit team is available here. Download it by clicking on the black "Direct Download" button.

If you want the latest version which is always up to date, you can download it from here. Click on the "*** KB" link of the first row in the column "Download".

Now you should have a file with the file extension ".phar" in your Downloads folder.

Install the plugin on the server

To install the plugin, you can just put the PHAR-file you downloaded in the step before into the "plugins"-folder in your PocketMine-folder. You need to start the server once so the config files needed for the next step are created.

Creating a game world

The HotBlock plugin is developed to use one dedicated world on the server as the "game world". You can build this world yourself or download a pre-built one from here.

The game world should contain the following blocks:

WOODAll players are safe, usually they spawn there
ENDSTONENormal playing field, nothing special here
NETHERRACKPlayers get poisoned for 2-3 seconds when walking over those blocks
QUARTBLOCKThe HotBlock, players are earning some coins per second when moving on this block

Thats an example how this world could look like:

HotBlock example game world

Configuring the plugin

After we've created the game world, we can set the config options of the plugin. Open the config.yml-file located in the PocketMine main folder > plugin_data > HotBlock.

We'll configure the most important options only. First, we need to set the name of the game world mentioned above:

# Name of the world where the game is in
world: "NameOfYourWorldHere"

Also, you can configure other settings like how many players must be online that the block is active or how many coins the players get. They're all described in the config file.


The goal for the players is to stand as long as possible on the 'Hot Block' in the middle of the arena in order to earn money (via EconomyAPI). Because every player wants to get there, there is an exiting PvP-match. The dangerous poisoned blocks are making the game even more exiting.
The HotBlock game doenst have a beginning or ending, it's an open game which is always running when players are in the world.


Changing the language

To change the language of the plugin, open the "config.yml" file in "plugins/HotBlock". It should contain those lines:

# Language of the plugin messages
# Possible options are: en (English), de (German), ...
language: "en"

Change the value in quotes after "language:" into the language you want to use. For example, to set the plugin on German, it should look like this:

# Language of the plugin messages
# Possible options are: en (English), de (German), ...
language: "de"

Creating a new language

You're always welcome to translate the plugin into languages which don't exist yet or correct translations which already exist.

First, you need to download the plugin sources and go into the folder "resources/languages". Then, copy the "en.yml" file and rename it to the ISO 639-1 language code of the language you want to create.

After you translated it, feel free to create a PR on GitHub to add your translation to the plugin.